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Our Value Addition

Upon exploring the current Primary Healthcare Infrastructure set-up in Bangalore Urban & rural in detail, we the FlashMedix Team hereby propose Health Extension Counters to the prevailing Primary Health Centre (PHC) as a value added solution for the following.

After a detailed discussion with team FlashMedix on the innovative health appliance solution, The Health Department of Karnataka would wish to receive a formal high-level solution proposal along with proposed commercials for the implementation of FlashMedix cutting edge solution along with its creative integrated “Health Pod” solution across different designated places.

  • To enhance and augment the already existing Primary Healthcare facility with state of art technological platforms.
  • Improve the accessibility to Primary Healthcare facility in urban & rural areas and thereby cater to a larger population.
  • To implement better surveillance and management during epidemics by reporting and setting up a task force when required.
  • To increase accessibility of primary healthcare services to both residents, domestic & foreign tourists as this is vital to show the world that how cautious that the Govt. of Karnataka is about the health concerns of not just its citizen but also the visitors.
  • To provide a coordinated and monitored system for emergency care management
  • To ensure better management of eHealth Records

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